How much do they cost?

Please see our pricing guide.

Where can a Tiny Abode be delivered?

Almost anywhere in Australia. Please call Shiloh if you have any particular concerns for your location.

Can the Tiny Abodes be customised or the floor plans adapted?

Yes. Our existing studio designs can be customised, such as different floor plans, cladding, extra windows, flooring/tiling options, Kitchen design and finishes etc., for an additional cost. We can also partner with you to create your own unique custom Tiny Abode.

What is the build process and how long?

Tiny Abodes will assist you during the design, construction, and delivery, which usually takes around a month for the smaller Tiny Abodes and up to four months for the larger models.

What are they built on making them portable?

Our Tiny Abodes are built on fully engineered steel bases, which can then be craned on/off trucks and into place at your location.

What is the installation process?

Your Tiny Abode is delivered to you complete with plumbing and electrical and is 100% ready to connect to your services. Your new space can be used the same day as delivery! 

Prior to delivery footings will need to be installed by a certified builder, for which engineered plans will be provided to you. You can either arrange this yourself, or Tiny Abodes can arrange a quote on your behalf. 

Once your Tiny Abode has been craned into place it will need to be connected to existing power and sewerage/water. This is not included in the price as this cost will differ by location; however, we can also organise this on your behalf.

Delivery process and cost?

Our Tiny Abodes are craned onto a truck and then delivered to your location, ready for installation. Delivery is not included in our price; however, we can organise a delivery quote for you.

What are council regulations?

Tiny Abodes under 20m2 (without a kitchen and a bathroom) don’t require council approval.

Tiny Abodes larger than 20m2 (or smaller ones with a kitchen and bathroom) usually require council approval. We recommend that you call your local council to confirm prior to finalising your order.